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The future of EDUCATION

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Reynold Ruslan Feldman:

The Future of Education

This term can be predictive or prescriptive —a stab at what might happen or at what someone feels ought to. I’ll speak a little to both. Based on present trends, education in the next 20 years is likely to be (1) more mediated, (2) more lifelong, (3) more diverse in terms of who’s doing what, where, when, and how, (4) more job focused, (5) paradoxically more about personal development, (6) more international, (7) less expensive, and (8) more regulated than at present. In general, these trends strike me as positive, pushed by a combination of ever-more-powerful electronic media, entrepreneurial competition, and a coming together of economic, environmental, and spiritual crises in the West as China gains economic ascendancy and the United States imperium declines into former-number-one-nation status comparable to that of Great Britain today. As for what the future of education should be, my view is it should be reframed as training for human development.


Terranautics is...

the youngest sibling of aeronautics and astronautics.  It will train people to navigate an uncertain future on Planet Earth. We need your help to grow a small, local project into a worldwide movement through the platform of an interactive website. What's at stake is the health and well-being of everyone and the planet itself. While the task seems insurmountable, if we all pull together, it's a possible dream. 

Question of the Month


What are the attributes and skills of a well-prepared Terranaut? *



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